Building signs work hard for you 24/7

Great for businesses, churches, schools and individuals.  Building signs are one of the best investments with many options to save you time and money.  At PS&G we can customize any size and shape to meet your needs.

At Precision Signs & Graphics we focus on creating visually appealing and legible signs, our designs will work hard for your business or organization 24/7. Because we use the highest quality and longest lasting materials to build your outdoor signs, they will last years longer than most other signs,  making it one of the most cost effective forms of advertisement you can buy.

Building Signs are great for businesses, churches, schools and for personal property.  Since we make the signs in house, we can custom design any size or shape of your sign.  We even create custom “barn quilt” signs that are high quality and long lasting- no more painted panels or cheap panels – we use only the best material.

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